Vision and Values

The basis of the vision of Venedretta Luxury is to revive the centrality of the relationship between material, man and the local area.

The creation of objects of high-quality sophisticated craftsmanship can act as a driving force towards the recovery of this relationship through:

  1. the launch of a new season for design that can fully enhance the exquisite Carrara marble in an entirely new way
  2. the relaunch of local know-how about the working of this fascinating material
  3. the revival of the unique and exclusive experiences and culture of this area of Carrara and the Apuan Alps

All of this can bring:

  • further value to what is already exquisite in itself, the marble
  • a new prestige to a community of workers and craftsmen who, with their virtuosity, strength and passion, every day carry on a complex and highly specialized trade
  • new prosperity to such a special area.

Creativity, project culture, research, experimentation and passion are the keywords for the future …