The technological evolution in working marble which we have witnessed over the last 20 years, and the availability of materials with very particular physical and mechanical features among those extracted from the Carrara quarries, have made it possible to create objects and furnishing accessories once unthinkable, opening up new frontiers in design experimentation.

It is on the basis of this innovative drive that, sensing new scenarios and new possibilities in the field of luxury goods, the historic and prestigious company Gualtiero Corsi, nowadays a member of the Cavatori di Gioia (the Gioia Quarrymen) Cooperative Society, has brought the Venedretta Luxury brand to life with no little enthusiasm.

Venedretta Luxury is the result of a far-sighted vision that aspires to elevate the design of Carrara marble to its utmost expression.

Gualtiero Corsi Srl, together with the parent Cavatori di Gioia Cooperative Society, holds several concessions in the Colonnata marble basin in Carrara. Among the various prized and elegant materials extracted from this basin is Venedretta’s Paonazzo, a particularly elastic marble that allows the creation of thin and lightweight objects including the wonderful Venedretta jewelry.