“The two metamorphoses”

The story of Venedretta Luxury begins with two fascinating events, two metamorphoses: the first, the older one, the orogenesis which produced a material as special as the Venedretta Paonazzo in one of its greatest manifestations. The second, less ancient but equally extraordinary, was the work of man who, with his creativity and passion, skillfully transformed the raw material in question.

Orogenesis, by generating the mountains, produced a material as noble as marble, an incomparable material. Precious metals fuse and solidify into the desired forms but not marble.
In marble, objects already live in its molecules and it is the ability and imagination of man that frees them from their enclosure, exposing them in the most beautiful forms.

The orogenesis, not content with what it had done, then produced Carrara marble and in an excess of zeal a material as special as the Venedretta Paonazzo, one of the few in the elastic world to enable the creation of objects in thicknesses of a few millimeters.

The rest of the story is down to the power and the beauty of the second metamorphosis. For centuries man has been the great craftsmen of all the beauty created with marble, masters such as Michelangelo or Gian Lorenzo Bernini have brought to life works of inestimable value and singular magnificence.

This centuries-old experience in working marble is today revived in the production of objects, furnishing accessories and the Venedretta jewelry. For the Venedretta Luxury metamorphosis, the hand of man is once again the craftsman, man who with his creativity, his genius and his experience creates unique and exquisite objects, the greatest expression of modern design and the excellence of the products from Tuscany in Italy.