Extreme concept

In the photo Marco De Gasperi
6 times world champion mountain runner
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Photo Fabio Menino

The concept of the extreme is a must for Venedretta in design as in sport. Venedretta Luxury’s aesthetic and functional quest is as cutting edge as certain sports that push man to the limit.

The subtle connection between the Venedretta quest and the quest carried out by those who practice such sports belongs to this concept of the limit.

The concept of the limit is so transient but that is its value. Limits exist to be overcome and the overcoming of the limit opens new perspectives.

The mountain is the ideal scenario for putting your mind, heart, and spirit to the test in this important quest.

Venedretta Luxury expresses the profound link between mountain and man in many of its creations, an age-old link that was and is an authentic feeling of admiration and respect, and today more than ever remains a stimulus to vitality and well-being.

Venedretta creations draw from the natural elements: earth, water, wind and fire. These elements still evoke mystery and add charm and wonder. Fundamentally, not everything is known and the inclination towards the unexplored generates excitement and offers vivid sensations.