Venedretta World

Venedretta Luxury is the result of an ambitious and sophisticated perspective that looks back, with respect but also with a desire for innovation, over a centuries-old tradition, unique of its kind, and a long story of men, materials and creativity that cries out strongly to continue being heard, albeit written in new ink, and enhanced with new exquisite flourishes.

On the one hand the mountain, secret guardian of an asset as prized as it is unique, Carrara marble. On the other, the age-old work of man who, with his genius and creativity, could give expression and form to this material, creating through art, architecture and design those masterpieces of unparalleled beauty.
Nevertheless today there still remains much to be explored, to be experimented with and to be conceived.

In the Venedretta Luxury Studio, creativity, an aesthetic and functional quest, technological innovation and the artistic dimension create new forms of expression, encoding new languages ​​and promoting new evolving design paths.

From this experience come the furnishing accessories and the Venedretta Luxury jewelry, a series of exquisite original objects distinguished by their high quality and the innate charm of the raw material used, by the high value of the craftsmanship and their great power to transmit beauty.

Each Venedretta object is a unique and original object, obtained from the working of exquisite materials, designed and cared for in the smallest details. All the items are made in Tuscany by highly specialist craftsmen.

Venedretta Luxury is avant garde and a byword for the excellence of Italian design.